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Simple Document Template Instructions

This tutorial provides instructions for using the Simple Document Template.

To do this tutorial, you have to download the template.  Click here to download the template.

 It may be helpful to download and have a printed copy of the tutorial available as you do the tutorial.   Click here to download the tutorial.

Open The Template

Go to where you saved the template. Click File > Open. Click on the Simple_Document_Template file. (“Simple_Document_Template” appears in the “File name:” pull-down menu.) Click OK.


The template is formatted for the title of your document.

At the top of the page, delete the X then type the name of your document.


The Template Is Formatted For The Headings.

The “Heading 1” Paragraph Style is centered and is used for the heading of sections.

“Heading 2” is Aligned Left and indented ½ inch.

“Heading 3” is Aligned Left and indented 1 inch.

“Heading 4” is Aligned Left and indented 1 ½ inch.

To Use A Heading,

  1. Put your cursor on the line that will have the Heading.

  2. In the Apply Style pull-down menu box, select the Heading of your choice.

How Headings Will Appear In A Document


Heading 1

(step 1 will go here)

Heading 2

(step 1 will go here)

Heading 3

(step 1 will go here)

Heading 4

(step 1 will go here)

Use The Simple Document Template To Write Your Document

  1. Click File > New > Templates and Documents. (The “Templates and Documents”window appears.)

  2. Click My Templates. (The “Templates and Documents– My Templates” window appears.)

  3. Click Simple Document Template (or the name you chose) > Open. (A new text document will appear. The cursor is flashing on the X in the "Simple Document Template." )

  4. Click File > Save As. (The “Save As:” window appears.) In the Save in: " pull-down menu box, click My Documents if it is not already selected. In the Save as type: pull-down menu box, click OpenDocument Text (.odt) (if it is not already selected).

  5. In the File name: box, type a name of your choice for your document. (The document is saved.)

  6. Write the steps to do something in OpenOffice in a numbered step-by-step format. You have created a great document.

Create A Table Of Contents

When you are finished writing the tutorial, create a Table of Contents.

  1. Click just after the title of your document that is on the first line of your document.

  2. Click Insert > Indexes & Tables > Indexes & Tables > Index/Table tab.

  3. In the Type dialog box select Table Of Contents. Remove the check mark Protect against manual changes. Click OK.

Add Hyperlinks To The Table Of Contents

When a word(s) in the Table Of Contents is clicked, the cursor will go to the location of that information. For example. “Add Hyperlinks to the Table of Contents” will be in the Table Of Contents of this tutorial. In the Table Of Contents, click the words “Add Hyperlinks to the Table of Contents” and the cursor will go to this section on this page.

  1. Place your cursor before the first word in the document. Select the Index/Table tab, if it is not already selected. (The "Insert Index/Table" window appears.) In the “Type” dialog box , select Table Of Contents, if it is not already selected. Uncheck Protected against manual changes. Click OK.

  1. To make the hyperlinks, click the Entries tab of the window, click to the left of the E and click Hyperlink, and click after the E and click Hyperlink again. Click All. Click OK. (The "Table "of Contents appears. All the headings are in "blue and underlined" and are now "hyperlinks". When you click on them, you will be taken to that section.)


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